Phase I
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This section of the website shows details of the new premises, as it was from the time of the auction, through to the present day.

These first pictures show the site at the time of the auction when it wasn’t too clear what we might be buying.

It wasn’t until the purchase had completed that we were able to get inside the tanks from the inspection hatches in the roof. The largest of the two tanks, the “new” one, measures 30ft x 50ft internally and is 13ft high. It is constructed from reinforced concrete and lined internally with Marland brick. It was built 1934/5 to a design and specification mirrored up and down the country.

It was designed to hold 150,000 gallons of water and the walls are constructed in a pyramid fashion being thicker at the base, and “narrowing” towards the top. The walls are 5ft (1600mm) thick at the bottom and 2ft (600mm) at the top. Apparently, the current specification to hold this volume of water is reinforced concrete 8 inches (200mm) thick.

Clearly built to last.

The older of the two units we have dubbed the “Gothic” one is of indeterminate age, but probably dates back to the late 1800’s. Its construction is completely different and comprises a series of arches inside. Unlike the new unit, we don’t have accurate drawings of this so until we bore through the walls for doors and windows, we’re unsure of its construction!